Hi! My name is ... Katrina
I am a ... Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner, Multidimensional Quantum Healer, Intuitive Medium, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Coach and Oracle Card Reader.

 I was born in Poland and moved to Australia at the age of 11.  Life has granted me diverse experiences, including facing several challenging moments.  Strangely, I’m grateful for these trials because they’ve shaped me into the person I am today and allowed me to connect with others on a deeply personal level.

From a young age I wanted to help people, but not in the conventional way.  My journey as a healer began over 10 years ago, starting with Access Bars, followed by Reiki 1 a year later. After 12 months, I progressed to Reiki 2.  I didn’t rush to attain the title of Reiki Master. Instead, it was a profound voyage through life, personal healing, and self-growth that led me to a place where I truly felt deserving of such a role.

Becoming a Reiki Master, in my perspective, carries a significant responsibility that I take to heart.  It means initiating someone into their Reiki journey, so I wanted to be fully prepared in every aspect, especially emotionally and spiritually, setting an example for others to follow.  I’ve expanded my modalities by incorporating Hypnotherapy, Trauma Coaching, Intuitive Coaching and most recently, I achieved level 3 as a Multidimensional Quantum Healer.   Now I have designed my own style of healing by combining all the modalities into one. 

My approach to healing is intuitive, tailored to the unique needs of each client.  Every healing session is a distinct experience, and my clients always receive precisely what they require at that specific point in their lives.  Interestingly, many of my clients are children and men and I’ve always believed that my purpose is to contribute to healing the world.

It’s my soul’s calling, and I feel privileged, humbled, blessed, and profoundly grateful to be able to assist people on various levels.  My gifts have been passed down through generations, from my grandmother to my mum, and even to my daughter.  It’s an absolute honor to carry on this legacy and extend a helping hand to those in need.

Hearing that I’ve positively impacted someone’s life fills my heart with warmth and gratitude beyond words.

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What People Say

Thank you very much for helping us heal, you did a healing on myself a week ago and I am finally sleeping all night and not waking up in a panic, I feel amazing.

Thank you for doing a healing on my 16yr old son today who has anxiety and PTSD, you were just amazing with him, he said he felt so comfortable with you.

He is the happiest young man I have seen in a long time. He smiled, he said he feels different and really good, you are an absolute angel to us. Thank you sooo very much xxxxx


I’ve had Reiki sessions in the past with another practitioner, but nothing and I mean, nothing compares to the session I had with Katrina. 

I’ve noticed so many changes within myself and it’s a credit to Katrina as

I’ve been on an absolute high since my session.  I’d definitely recommend Katrina.


I first met Katrina when I had a womb healing. From the minute I was greeted the energy was so warm and loving and I was made to feel so welcomed. In the session I worked on past trauma from a separation which was holding me back and lowering my vibration. Katrina cleared so much that I felt so amazing getting of the table and it helped so much in my healing journey. I have seen Katrina many times and every time I feel so amazing. I highly recommend Katrina for her healing gifts that are one of a kind.


I would like to share and give gratitude to Kat for the amazing healing/spiritual surgery she done with me..

​I feel alive more aware and Soo much better for it….

Your a blessing in disguise. And I am truly thankful I have met you and grateful for the amazing job you have done with me.


After a battle of anxiety all I can truly say this is the best I’ve ever been/felt because of Kat.
I tried all different kinds of treatment, and nothing worked.
I had no hope and just learnt to try and deal with it.
After my hypnotherapy with Kat, I was skeptical at first.
However, six weeks down the track I have not had anxiety since.
Kat is an incredible woman and has change my life for the good.
She is extremely genuine and highly credible at what she does.


I felt very light and relieve after the reiki session.

Definitely help ease off on my stress and gave me more energy and focus on what truly matters.

Highly recommend Katrina!





Absolutely amazing. 

Her healing changed my life. 

She had relieved me of a very toxic connection and helped me throughout the aftermath. 

She’s an angel in disguise. 

Highly recommend Katrina.



I have used Katrina a few times now as well as a few of my family members, her healing powers and connection are amazing!! 

She has got some amazing talent at what she does and I highly recommend her.


Thanks Katrina for your healing sessions. 

I’ve had a few now and I always leave feeling lighter and rejuvenated

Highly recommend



I was privelged to get a sacred womb healing and abundance activation from Kat yesterday.

She cleared past life trauma held in my womb space and detached me from the Moons negative energies .

I felt so much lighter and active afterwards.

I highly recommend Kat for her healing work.


My experience wasn’t really happy in a sense.  It was deep, gut-wrenching, and confronting.  Katrina explained the importance of a health issue I hadn’t quite taken as seriously, one I had never really disclosed to her prior.  It was confronting but also genuinely one of the most important moments of my life as of late.I’m in such a better place 6months later in every way conceivable. Katrina has consistently checked in with me regularly to see how I’m am doing and offered so many different ways of supporting me. Talk about going above and beyond! It’s important to notice she doesn’t dump and run, she’s going to check in with you- she’ll make sure you are ok even when it’s a heavy session. I feel safe with her.  I love her integrity and I’ll definitely go back.


Katrina you are an amazing soul !!

Thank you for all the reiki healing and help you have given me through my cancer journey I always feel incredible when I leave.  The oil is just the best and has helped my pain so much so I’m not putting all these toxic chemicals in my body. 

I T​hank you Katrina.

I highly recommend you and your business to anyone that needs a fantastic holistic approach in life.


I have visited Katrina a few times now and every time has been an  amazing experience!!!

I could not thank Katrina enough for her ever so loving and caring nature.

If you would like to find more of yourself and experience an energy shift within you like NEVER BEFORE.

I highly recommend Katrina.


Kat’s treatment was great. I had a very sore Cesarean Scar from two kids… and is painful whenever I touch it.

After our session its been softer to touch and the scar line doesn’t hurt at all. 

I also had very negative feelings about the birth and she released a lot of that trapped negative energy. I feel balanced now.


The experience I had with Katrina was fantastic. 

Very relaxing!  It helped me to be able to tune into myself while blocking out the negativity of the world. 

The message from beloved, departed love ones was a welcome and wonderful experience.





I have completed Reiki 1 and 2 with Katrina and hoping to do more in coming months.  She is warm, friendly, very professional, giving and kind. She share her knowledge based on many years of experience and she guided me effortlessly through the day. You get a book and get to practice the Reiki. 
Thank you Katrina, looking forward to future traing with you. You are a great healer too.
Highly recommended

Katrina is able to connect with you and any heavy attachments that you may have and help you go through it and heal and move forward from them.  If you would like to find more of yourself and experience a energy shift within you like NEVER BEFORE, I highly recommend Katrina.

She will leave you speechless, legitimately like I was!!!

I plan on seeing her monthly to help keep my auric bodies in order as her spirit is second to none in her field.

I write this whole heartedly and with my upmost honesty and nothing less.

Thank you again Katrina for ALL that you have provided, blessings to your inner goddess!!!



OMG, definitely feeling lighter, calmer and my mind’s not racing as much, which is absolutely great !!


The healing session you gave me it was out of this world,
I thank you so much for all the advice you have given me.