Access Bars with a Difference 90 MINUTES


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Access Bars with a Difference. If you sense a growth and enhancement in your life yet feel mentally obstructed, consider exploring Access Bars Therapy – a transformative alternative healing approach that might be your pathway to clarity and rejuvenation.

Access Bars Therapy is a soothing and caring experience that involves the gentle touch to 32 specific energy centers and bars on your head. This delicate interaction initiates the release of the electromagnetic charge or polarity associated with your thoughts, emotions, ideas, beliefs, and decisions stored in your brain, offering a cleansing and liberating experience for your mind and soul

Access Bars Therapy is renowned for re-establishing equilibrium between body and mind. It works by unlocking blockages that often impede our mental access to essential life aspects such as money, health, creativity, communication, control, gratitude, sexuality, joy, and dreams. The therapy fosters a balanced mental and physical state, gradually dissipating the shroud of negative thoughts and allowing clarity to emerge. This newfound clarity enhances the individual’s ability to perceive and address areas of anxiety and depression, empowering them to resolve their own challenges and embrace a rejuvenated enjoyment of life.

Its not just Access Bars.  I will be guided to what you need.  I will clear trauma that your body is holding from birth.  I will go into your past lives and clear what needs to be cleared or release the knowledge that you need in this lifetime.  Clear money blocks or any other blocks that your body is holding onto too.  I will clear the mind chatter. I will heal any Ancestral Trauma that needs to be healed.  I will also use sound healing if I am guided to.  I use Shamanic drum, fork, chime bell and rainstick.  I will use crystals if I am guided too.  So you will get exactly what you need at the time in my healing.  I will provide you with messages from the Divine or your loved ones that have passed over. I also use Light Language and Light Codes during all my Healings.

“Light Language is another type of high vibrational frequency of sound. It is considered to be the ‘language of angels’ or the ‘language of the soul’. It is both an ancient and futuristic, multi-dimensional form of communication that bypasses the logical mind and connects directly with the heart and soul. These dynamic frequencies of sound and light adjust to each person’s vibration, bringing about deep clearings, activations, healing and balancing.”

Each session is 90 minutes.


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